• Pre-Conference Workshops

    Date: 5th July

    Price: 75€ (per workshop)

    Location: All workshops will take place at the conference venue on the opening day of the conference.

    Registration: You can register for the pre-conference workshops during your registration for the conference.

    Workshop 1

    Title: Structural Equation Modelling using R: An overview

    Organizer: Maria de Fátima Salgueiro – ISCTE –Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

    Time: 8am – 12am


    This workshop provides an overview of Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) and has the following two main goals. First, the statistical knowledge underlying confirmatory factor analysis models and structural equation models will be briefly reviewed. Second, participants will be shown how to fit these models in R, by means of hands-on-exercises. Participants can bring their own laptops, with the R packages sem and lavaan installed. Alternatively, they can use the computers available in the room. Previous knowledge on factor analysis and regression models, as well as previous experience with R are helpful, but not mandatory.


    Workshop 2

    Title: HR Field: A Practical Approach to Decision Making based on Psychological Tests Results

    Organizer: Magda Machado - HOGREFE

    Time: 8am – 12am


    In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the analysis of psychometric test results. Specifically, the focus will be on how to analyse and interpret standardized results, the advantages and limitations of different types of tools and the decisions that can be made based on these tools. Participants will have the opportunity to do practical exercises regarding analysis and interpretation of test results. Also some practical questions about psychometrics in the HR field will be discussed (e.g., With the growing globalization of the labour market, what to do when assessing foreign candidates? When assessing people with different backgrounds for a same position, should these differences be considered when analysing the results of Psychological Tests?).

    Workshop 3

    Title: Introduction to multilevel moderated mediation analysis: how to test conditional indirect effects

    Organizer: Helena Carvalho - ISCTE –Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

    Time: 1pm – 5pm


    In this workshop, participants will be introduced to how perform moderated mediation analysis with multilevel data using the MIXED procedure in SPSS. The moderated mediation model will be theoretically introduced within a multilevel framework, followed by an empirical application. In a first step, participants will learn how to practically manage a moderated mediation model with Linear Mixed Models using a parametric method, but also using Bootstrapping. Procedures that support Bootstrapping will be explained and implemented with the participants. Secondly, testing conditional indirect effects using the obtained estimations in a Monte Carlo method through the R will also be explained. Much emphasis will be given to the accurate interpretation of model parameters and coefficients. In addition, the presentation of the obtained results in a research context will be highlighted. Note that the SPSS and R packages will be available on the computers of the laboratory where the course takes place.